Quality Airline and Cabin Crew Uniform Suppliers

At PC Corporate, we understand that the airline industry is vastly competitive. In order to establish your brand's identity and stand out from the crowd, you need smart and slick airline and cabin crew uniforms to make a strong impression.

With years of experience behind us, PC Corporate can produce uniforms that truly reflect your brand's culture and image. As an airline and cabin crew uniform supplier, we know that uniforms are an important element of your business, and that each crew member requires functional garments for their respective roles.

Designing to Your Needs

When it comes to designing airline uniforms, we take into account the individual needs of your crew members. We understand that stewards move about and face customers frequently, therefore cabin crew uniforms should be both practical and flattering to ensure they feel confident and comfortable. A steward's uniform may also require stain resistant fabric for food and beverage spills, as well as body odour eliminating fabric to withstand long working hours. We also cater to other crew members in the airline industry while paying attention to their individual needs. They include:

  • Pilots – Comfort is key, as they endure lengthy sitting times.
  • Ground Staff – Flexibility and durability is of great importance, as the uniforms must withstand all weather conditions and labour intensive work (i.e. baggage handling).
  • Ticketing Staff – Flexible uniforms are required, as they may be involved in baggage handling and also have long periods of sitting.

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