Corporate Office Uniforms and Receptionist Attire

Ensure a sharp and professional image for your business when you choose PC Corporate for your office, reception and corporate uniform needs.

Established in 2008 by Melbourne designer Patti Ainalis, PC Corporate has years of experience in producing stylish and functional corporate apparel for a wide range of industries in Australia, including real estate companies and offices. Offering both off-the-rack options and custom designs, we're dedicated to providing high-quality business uniforms that match your exact requirements. We also understand the importance of employees feeling comfortable and confident, which is why we produce uniforms that look and feel good, boosting morale while enhancing your corporate image.

Uniforms for Office Staff

Whether you need receptionist uniforms or branded knitwear for staff members, you can trust the office uniform suppliers and manufacturers at PC Corporate to deliver excellent products and services. We pride ourselves on offering office uniforms that are durable - we know that these garments will be washed and worn frequently, so it's imperative that the uniforms are manufactured with quality fabrics. Furthermore, our receptionist and office uniforms can be modestly designed to project a professional image. We'll design according to your company's dress code, and ensure that undergarments are hidden from view, shoulders are covered, cleavage concealed, and more.

Corporate Apparel and Business Uniforms

PC Corporate is also a trusted corporate uniform supplier and manufacturer, providing solutions to fulfil your corporate wardrobe and work uniform needs. Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you to design corporate work uniforms that are professional, comfortable and specific to your needs, all while enforcing a sense of team spirit and confidence amongst your employees.

Not only can we help you achieve a consistent image for your business, but we can also assist in tax deductibility on clothing products. In addition, PC Corporate offers Total Apparel Management, together with a customised online ordering system.

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Whether you require a full outfit or individual items to match your current designs, you’re sure to find what you need here at PC Corporate – from custom designs through to off-the-rack items, we can cater to your specific needs.

Get in touch with us today to bring your vision of the perfect office or business uniform to life. We also offer fitting services, guidance on ATO Compliance, and a total apparel management service, liaising with your accounts department to produce garments to your budget.

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