Custom Franchise Uniforms and Workwear Suppliers

If you own a franchise business and want to unify employees across multiple stores or locations, adopting a uniform can provide an effective solution. Uniforms are ideal for conveying professionalism and making staff easy to identify, while also helping to promote your business and create a greater brand presence.

Whether you own a chain of real estate agencies or you're looking to start up your own fast food franchise, PC Corporate are the custom franchise uniforms supplier you can rely on. Our staff members have had a wealth of experience working with franchise organisations, giving us the expertise to provide custom made solutions that project the desired look, feel and image of your business. In addition, we have stock holdings capacities available, allowing for fast delivery to independent franchise locations across Australia.

Guaranteed Comfort

At PC corporate, we strive to deliver uniforms that are durable and flexible, providing superior comfort. We can also source fabrics that fulfil specific needs of your business, such as breathable apparel for outdoor work and stain resistant clothing for food-related industries.

As uniform manufacturers, we can also provide you with complete custom design solutions, including coming up with concepts for your franchise uniform that implement edgy and fun designs. We can bring your franchise colours, logo and industry together to craft a unique and lasting uniform that reflects the image you want to present.

In addition to providing tailored solutions, we offer a variety of off-the-rack franchise uniforms for sale, including polos, shirts, pants, hats and aprons. We also stock garments for food preparation workers and servers, as well as administration options to complement floor staff.

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If you're looking for a custom franchise uniforms supplier who can bring the vision of your business to life, contact PC Corporate today. To arrange for an initial consultation, call us on +613 9687 0714. Alternatively, you can also send us an enquiry through our online contact form.