Quality Custom Aged Care Uniforms, Scrubs & Tunics

PC Corporate is a proud supplier of custom aged care uniforms, scrubs and tunics in Melbourne. We come from years of experience in the garment industry and have designed quality custom uniforms for many leading international companies, including Hilton Hotels, World Skills Australia and Crown Casino.

For aged care uniforms that are modern, functional and attractive, PC Corporate is the one to call.

Practical Designs that Reflect Your Brand

Aged care providers require practical and functional clothing that is conducive to day-to-day duties. Not only must the uniforms be comfortable and breathable, but they must also offer a degree of flexibility to allow for unrestricted movement at aged care facilities.

PC Corporate keeps these crucial points in mind when we design your aged care scrubs and tunics. We employ the use of wrinkle-resistant fabrics, as well as cool and dry fabrics with anti-bacterial properties to ensure optimal functionality. As aged care providers generally work long shifts during the day and night, we ensure our garments are durable and practical to withstand the rigours of the working environment.

At PC Corporate, we don't just design custom uniforms - we also offer many off-the-rack pieces, including, pants, skirts, knitwear, antibacterial clothing, tunics and more. We have garments to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes, and we can cater to every department of your company, including administration, management, and even cleaning staff.

For custom aged care uniforms, scrubs & tunics that reflect your company's identity and promote team spirit amongst your employees, you can rely on PC Corporate.

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